What information do you need from me for house/building portraits?

Here's what you'll need to provide for a house or building portrait:

  1. A clear photo of the house or building, preferably taken from the front.
  2. The house or building address (in case I need to check Google street view to zoom in on details).
  3. Any details you'd like included or taken out of the final portrait.

I'll gather all of this information from you via email once you place your order!

What if I don't have a photo of the house/building?

Not a problem! We can check the address on Google Street View and use an image from there.

What's a giclée print?

The short answer is that a giclée print is a type of fine art print that's high quality and meant to last much longer than a traditional print.

To be considered a giclée print:

  1. The original file resolution needs to be very high
  2. It needs to be printed on an inkjet printer with more than 6 ink colors
  3. It needs to be printed with archival ink
  4. The paper it's printed on needs to be acid-free and archival quality

Can I shop your art in person?

Yes! I usually pop up at a few in-person markets throughout the year. Check my instagram to find out where I'll be.

What frames should I use?

I use IKEA Ribba and Michael's Belmont frames to display prints during in-person markets. Any matted frame will look great!